Über mich

" Love life " I think that should be everybody's motto, right? I'm the kind of guy who lives in the moment in the now. I'm not worried about what I did yesterday or what's gonna happen tomorrow even though some people think I'm not mature blah blah blah!!! I'm just enjoying myself having fun adventures, and meeting new people. And that's the kind of guy I'm looking for who can be in the same mentality as I am who just Loves Life. 😚😊😊👌👌👌😉

Ich interessiere mich für

  • Captain America
  • Ed Hardy
  • Green Street
  • Medical student
  • Massage
  • Martini Rosso
  • Music, eating out, hanging out, traveling, and people.
  • Prison Break
  • Rain Man
  • Rum & Coke

Persönliche Infos

  • Stadt, Land
    Carrollton, USA
  • Sprache
    Englisch, Spanisch
  • Größe
    175 cm (5' 9")
  • Gewicht
    90 kg (198 lb)
  • Körpertyp
    Normale Figur
  • Augen
  • Haare
  • Ethnische Zugehörigkeit
  • Beziehungsstatus
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