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United States, Kansas City

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I am looking for both introvert and extrovert, honest, warm, sincere. I'm affectionate,sensitive, and a hopeless romantic. With the any one to be good gay man for my life I love physical touch, where it be holding hands or my arm around his waist. I am also easy going and have a good sense of humor I particularly loved united states and any of the other country's in the world and i do Enjoy exercise, and the outdoors in general. I love sailing (cruising, racing) and reading,camping also going to beach and cooking too. I also enjoy a Mexican food or a good movie, and particularly enjoy romantic comedies. I also enjoy a good drama.I have watch some good drama, and am more comfortable with any good older gay men that will be my soul mate and also that i will have a serious relationship with so that one day we will get married one day and also that man that will be caring and also love me than an extended party. I am a loyal friend,loving and i would be happy to start off as a serious relationship and progress from these if we both feel attracted.I have been in relationship with very attractive guy and he has broke my heart and love someone else and i do understand that the handsome within is more important than that without. thanks and i am sure that you will understand me better.

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  • American Horror Story
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Camping and Fishing
  • Blue
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  • Cycling
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