Joseph Basile, 25

United States, Sherman Oaks

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About me

I am a highly experienced traveler via plane train or car, especially plane. I love to host and plan events and trips. I have successfully been on many camping trips, retreats, road trips, day trips, foreign countries and cruises throughout my life and especially in recent years. Just know your seasons and take off of work in time ;)

What I'm Looking For:
I could really use some fun traveling experiences! I prefer camping, weekend trips and long extended trip like cruises and out of the country trips. I like more affordable places like Thailand vs Japan. I will only travel to safe and secure countries, like Canada vs Mexico. I will not travel with anyone who is not medically prepared. Get your shots in time and put all current and past medical needs on the table in case of emergency. I don't want to travel with you if you are impersonal or mysterious. If you are lazy and like to do nothing but lay out and tan on vacation then I'm not the right travel buddy for you. If your comminication and planing skills (Especially in the beginning) are poor then I don't want to travel with you. If your easy going, not afraid of challenges and can drink a beer and eat a slice of pizza, then your perfect! 😜

-Living Conditons/Rooming-
-Lots of hotels have security deposit, dont forget this. $200+
-I cannot afford a 5 star hotel however we are not staying in a hostel either.
-Be clean in shared areas aka everywhere but your room.
-I do not sleep late "Never past 11am"
-I don't stay up past 2am unless we're at a party.
-I Like to cook breakfast & Lunch and eat out for dinner on Vacation, standard.
-Don't order room service unless your sick bc it has hidden fees sometimes.
-Never drink the mini fridge beverages.
-Avoid cash when room service comes ect.

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    Sherman Oaks, United States
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    185 cm (6' 1")
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    66 kg (146 lb)
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