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Luis 24 y.o., freelancer

Luis 24 y.o., freelancer

was online 8 minutes ago

I started using YEC.com a few months back. Wasn’t really expecting much but my life changed completely! I’ve travelled to both North and South America and met so many interesting guys! I’ve had the time of my life thanks to YEC and their concept of free traveling. Thank you!

Saved $1240
David 23 y.o., student

David 23 y.o, student

was online 3 hours ago

I’m just a student so I’ve never had enough funds to travel across the Atlantic. I’ve always envied people who’ve visited interesting places around the globe – but now I’m one of them! After YEC.com walked into my life thanks to a friend who’s using it, I joined and immediately found a few guys across the globe who wanted to help me with my trip! Now I’m travelling a few times a year and I’m so happy about it!

Saved $2130
Ben Frider 32 y.o, barman

Ben Frider 32 y.o., bartender

was online 1 day ago

I became a member almost a year ago. I wasn't expecting much, but after a while I had more friends than ever! I’ve traveled to Spain, Israel, Canada… I've toured some fantastic places like Slovakia and Portugal – I would gladly recommend YEC.com to anyone who is interested in free gay travel and meeting new guys from all over the world!

Saved $970
Casluu Lockhart, 19 y.o, artist

Casluu Lockhart 19 y.o, artist

was online 4 hours ago

Getting enough money and finding the right person for traveling were always such a nightmare for me. But after I joined YEC.com I’ve stopped worrying: the guys are really nice and interesting, and a whole bunch of them helped me travel to Eastern Europe and see the local landscape and scenes! I couldn’t be happier that I’ve stumbled upon this fantastic site – I’d recommend it to anyone!

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