Обо мне

There is never a right way how to go on writing about oneself. But here are my main characteristics: a sensitive man, hardworking, polite, decent and kind. I love all things beautiful, creative, full of energy and colour. A heart warmer, passionate, treat people right, a gentleman at best. I love nature, I love the open seas, I love animals, I cherish quiet moments. There are moments when I am serious, other moments when I laugh my heart out, moments when I am moved and episodes when I go out of my way to lend a helping hand.

I do not like what others do not like – hypocrisy, artificiality, being rude to others, people who use other people for their own selfish interests. I do not like being taken for granted either.

I believe in true friends, I believe in romance and I believe that love has its own seasons – starting from infatuation and rising slowly to unconditional love.

Do you see yourself living side by side to someone, someone you wake up with in the morning, someone you prepare meals with, someone you go out for a walk with, someone who believes in you and in your potential to become what you are meant to become? Do you just love holding the hands of your man, listening to his stories and telling him yours in the process? Do you imagine yourself being loved for what you are and treated with respect and dignity? Do you intend to give meaning to your life which you are trying to live, day after day, with eagerness and openness to all that is positive?

I wish to have this person in my life, who will be my true love, my better half, a soul mate, someone I have a chemical affinity with. I hope that after coming to know about my weaknesses, this person will show me my strength. After feeling my fears he will fortify my faith. After seeing my anxieties he will free my spirit and when he recognizes my disabilities he will strive to emphasize my possibilities.

Physically, I prefer someone who is older than me. Someone who is clean and not just in the physical sense. Someone who is into sports, masculine and straight acting, someone who looks after himself and has an air of security around him, someone who loves to be happy, someone who believes in the impossible, someone who is respectful and honest and who has a sense of gratitude. Integrity should be his second nature.

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    Makati City, Филиппины
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    175 см (5' 9")
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    50 кг (110 lb)
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