Обо мне

I've never, ever been good at being concise, so please mind that finding the proper way to introduce a person -- let alone myself, is an immense challenge:

I'm a somewhat recent graduate in cultural anthropology from a small, liberal arts school in Iowa. My interests were mainly in religion, Arabic and studies of culture production (small time aspects of daily life like the gym, movies, etc). Though I think I grew not only in my knowledges over subjects but my tastes for diving into them -- reading about people experiencing difference, about culture shock and self discovery and whatnot all cultivated a lust for experiencing things beyond the realm of Iowa and my suburbs back at home.

A lot of my friends call me an adventurer, both in a big time and small time sense. Though its the latter I think is most distinct. I get restless in repetitive situations. When there's a routine, I'm already trying to think of a dozen ways to let out steam. If I see people bored, I try to think of a dozen possible escapes to "unbore" them all. Nightime streaking in the fields. Impromptu hikes into the deserts. Blind attendance to concerts. Etc I'll do anything to just not burden a stale atmosphere with friends.

I've done a poor job at writing this so far so I'll be quick to surmise the most about myself in the following paragraph:
I'm seeking to experience moments I can mull over for months. Events that I can continually return to as interrogative material for what I thought was true, or what I knew about myself. I'm a big-time over thinker and often get called out for being so pensive -- but that's my favorite quality about myself. I like to take the smallest of moments, of interactions, and try to understand something unique about it. A fair example of this is my deep exploration into gym culture -- its something most people dont even consider or simplify into cliches. I've ruminated on the gender behaviors, on the growing fitness economy, the paradoxical issues of the body, the transformative projects that we can barely existentially bear. It's all so interesting, and I want to apply this eye somewhere else. Cuz the worlds interesting. And that's cool.


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  • Cooking
  • Cooking for my friends
  • Drawing
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Hiking
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • The Smiths
  • Weight Training

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