Jay, 33

Великобритания, Сток-он-Трент

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I am an easy going lad who likes to enjoy life to the fullest very kind caring and compassionate . I am also muslim I converted to islam 3 years ago and it made my life more complete . I enjoy making new friends and like people who are caring and honest and have no time for for people who like other peoples misfortunes or enjoy peoples misery or adding to peoples misery. I try to remain positive and always look for the good in them and try never to judge anyone . I enjoy playing the keyboard and meeting new friends there are also other things I enjoy which I wouldnt like to put on my profile until i get to know someone or to let them know privately. I Lookforward to new friendships and spending time with you soon xxxx

Мои увлечения

  • Burritos
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Cinema
  • Clive Barker
  • Comedy
  • Climbing
  • Cuddles
  • Diners
  • Dogs
  • Doing Good

Личная информация

  • Город, страна
    Сток-он-Трент, Великобритания
  • Языки
  • Рост
    157 см (5' 2")
  • Вес
    62 кг (137 lb)
  • Телосложение
  • Цвет глаз
  • Цвет волос
  • Внешность
  • Отношения
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