Обо мне

I'm an extremely happy and optimistic individual and I enjoy talking and listening to others! With the right people, I love to explore topics and get into healthy discussions. I'm very creative and enjoy working with stained glass, gardening, home repair and design, furniture design, cooking, training dogs, music, movies. I support several causes: United Cerebral Palsy and The Tourette's Foundation, ALS, as well as LiveStrong (and it doesn't matter to me how Lance Armstrong is vilified by some, he's still a hero to me) and any activity against breast, cervical, rectal, or prostate cancers. I love to travel and learn about new locations, the things that make a place special. I also really enjoy learning about another guy, his views, likes and dislikes, and I enjoy spending time, sharing massages, music, dinners, etc.

Мои увлечения

  • Aperitif
  • All Movies
  • Asia
  • Barbecue
  • Aquariums
  • Architecture
  • Beer
  • Beach Boys
  • Beethoven
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

Личная информация

  • Город, страна
    Канзас-Сити, Сша
  • Языки
    Английский, Французский, Испанский
  • Рост
    178 см (5' 10")
  • Вес
    120 кг (265 lb)
  • Телосложение
    Приятная полнота
  • Цвет глаз
  • Цвет волос
  • Внешность
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