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I'm not handsome but i have a good heart. very outgoing and always a positive thinker. adrenaline junky..i love adventures and challenges. i can only travel locally..i wish to travel internationally :( I want to travel around the world.. Ive always been passionate about connecting to people..i like meeting different kinds of person from all across the world and i love making friends. i love to travel but my big problem is i dont have enough budget for it haha 😄 treat me good and for sure I'll treat you better. RESPECT is everything to me.

by the way, if you are planning to visit my country and looking for a tour guide, i would be very happy to help and assist you. I have been to most parts here in the Philippines, backpacking and vacations. sometimes i travel alone sometimes with friends. i know where it is safe to go for tourists and communicate with locals in a way that they cannot take advantage of us.

I am a man who has a dream, loves to travel,has a positive mind with a big heart.

Cheers to happy life!

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    Себу, Филиппины
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    170 см (5' 7")
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    65 кг (143 lb)
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